Where it all began

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Howard to Hollywood

Jae Murphy is an international tour/nightclub DJ, executive music producer, songwriter, and actor. After graduating from Howard University in May 2012, Murphy relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for music and entertainment. Within a span of only 3 years, he became one of Hollywood’s most prominent and premier DJs. From working with artists such as Eric Bellinger, The Game, and French Montana, Jae Murphy has been the official DJ for Jason Derulo for 3 years; and has performed across the globe in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Australia. In 2014, his first single, “You Playin” (This Could Be Us)  featuring The Game, Eric Bellinger, & Problem landed No. 1 on Billboard’s Emerging Artist Chart. 

Murphy wants to continue to peacefully push the culture to break social barriers and unify all races by creating a diverse, global sound of music for a timeless lifetime. Jae Murphy’s debut EP Touch The World is set to be released soon.

In addition, Jae Murphy will be a supporting act for the Jason Derulo 2 Sides World Tour in Fall 2018.

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